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Learning with Impact

People experience personal growth through exposure to new methodologies and ideas, followed by the opportunity to implement that learning into their daily routines.  The payoff is when both the learner and their larger team see the positive effects resulting from these changes.  Our programs focus on developing powerful interpersonal skills that translate into improved productivity, better working relationships and personal growth.  Explore our programs that are focused in two key areas: Skill Development and Management Development.


Course Catalog

Skill Development Courses

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Emotions and how people react to those emotions directly shape the relationships we have in the workplace. By becoming self-aware of your emotions, you can better respond to emotional triggers in others and create a more balanced environment in the workplace.

Personal Branding in the business workplace

Businesses want you to relate their brand to their product (think Apple or Nike).  But what about the “brand” that is tagged to YOU?  Your personal brand is the sum of your actions and the impact those actions have on the people you know.  Learn how to curate your personal brand to maximize your business impact.

Facilitator Skills for the Virtual Classroom

Today’s corporate learning is NOT like your elementary school classroom. In a virtual setting, great facilitators are the bridge that connect students to the course content.  Give your facilitators the tools to be successful in today’s virtual environment.

Unlocking Creativity and Innovation

Great ideas rarely just happen – they are the result of building an environment that nurtures innovation. Unlock creativity in daily life using a four-step approach that takes participants through the phases of Mindset, Awareness, Creativity and Messaging (MACM) to address changes in daily thinking.

Virtual Presentations for Results

Gone in 60 seconds! That is how fast a participant can tune out of a remote presentation. Presenters need a unique set of skills to engage remote participants. Learn about key elements of a virtual presentation: visual aids, vocal and verbal impact, and engagement strategies to heighten interest.

Management Development Courses

Managing Virtual High-Performance Teams

Does distance have to create “distance” with remote teams? Understanding how a remote team operates and knowing how to apply key management skills can increase engagement and unlock high performance. Supercharge your teams to succeed!

Neuroscience-based Feedback

Do you fear having to give feedback to team members?  Do they fear having to receive feedback?  The right approach is critical to break through the bias-barrier in the brain and make feedback effective.  Learn how to deliver feedback that inspires people to improve performance.

Generations in the Workplace

For the first time in history, five generations are in the workplace.  The cacophony of different generational needs, perspectives, and knowledge bases creates a challenge to coach and lead.  Learn how to navigate this multi-talented work force and to filter your own stereotypes to tap into the wisdom of all ages.

360° Perception Management

Your work may speak for itself, but people also “listen” to a variety of other inputs when they form a perception about you.  By learning how to manage those perceptions, you can create a message that involves, inspires, and informs others about your best self.

Empowering Productive Meetings

Should your meeting be memorable for results produced, of the fact that it finally ended? Successful meetings (in-person and virtual) are the result of applying key organizational and structural techniques that improve productivity and increase engagement among participants.