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Our core team has decades of experience providing impactful learning and training curriculum to organizations of all sizes. We can scale our programs by using a network of seasoned facilitators to support high-volume delivery requests.

mark rowland

Mark Rowland is the Managing Partner of Intrastellar Group and has more than two decades of experience in corporate learning delivery and training design in the technology and consulting spaces.   He has passion and depth in the use of assessments and coaching to engage meaningful change in individuals, and in the design of onboarding programs that connect people to their new company.

Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson is founder of the Silverstrand Group and has more than 20 years of experience in offering life-changing curriculum to support individuals and organizations in reaching their fullest potential.  Her clients have covered a wide range of industries from around the globe.  Her partnership with Intrastellar Group incorporates her strengths in content creation, facilitation and executive coaching.